Triumphant Return of Carlos Alberto Torres!


    • Speaks at UIC, NEIU and Depaul Universities
    • Visits Lincoln Methodist, First Congregational Church and
    La Capilla del Barrio
    • La Capilla Convokes Religious Leadership Table to Re-energize Oscar Campaign

    On Monday, April 4, Carlos Alberto Torres returned to Humboldt Park for the first time since he was released on parole July 26, 2010 after serving 30 years in prison for struggling for Puerto Rican independence. He returned to a standing room only crowd at La Casa Puertorriqueña where he was greeted by over 200 community residents, and spoke of his reintegration into the struggle as well as building his ceramics studio and most importantly, the continuing sturggle to free his mentor and best friend, Oscar López Rivera.

    The program included original poems for Oscar López by Michael Reyes and Judy Diaz, entertainment by I’Narú, the first, all-female, Bomba group which boasts musicians comprised of intelligent, strong spirited women and  Chicago’s very own Son Bayú, a latin jazz sextet as well as a silent auction with art pieces and other cultural artifacts. Compañera Camen Vasquez and Laura Benitez from the NYC chapter of the Network had also made the trip for this special event.

    As part of his Chicago speaking tour, Carlos Alberto also spoke at the “Pa’lante” Conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the “Sembrando Semillas” conference at Northeastern Illinois University as well as DePaul University. In addition, Carlos Alberto was given a tour of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School, the school he co-founded in 1972 where he was spoke at an assempbly of the entire school, who presented him with letters and poems. He also visited three churches – Lincoln Methodist, First Conrgegational (the UCC Church of his father, Rev. José Alberto ‘Viejo’ Torres) and La Capilla del Barrio – to thank them for their involvement in his campaign and encourage them to increase their role in the campaign to free Oscar with a series of pastoral initiatives also taking place in Puerto Rico.