This 8 Year-Old Puerto Rican Prodigy is Writing Poetry About Freedom, Afro-Latinidad and Oscar López Rivera

    Mercedes & Jose Lopez, two of Oscar's siblings

    by Jhoni Jackson, REMEZCLA

    At eight years old, Sarah Dalilah Cruz Ortiz is well on her way to becoming a literary powerhouse. The Puerto Rican poet is a new regular at cultural events and is a member of the local all-female arts collective Las Musas Descalzas, where she was given the moniker Ninfa Dalilah. Last year, she published her first collection of poems, Sueño Mágico entre Versos de mi Infancia.


    Its subject matter is seemingly beyond her years; love, liberty and la patria are among her preferred topics, she says. Her heartfelt dedication to Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera-imagining him free, como el cielo-is absolutely moving. “Libertad” is another that’ll hit anyone right in the feels, whether privy to her very young age or not: